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childbirth educator instructor preparing for birth

Why become An instructor?

As a BEST Certified Childbirth Educator you will receive:

  • Childbirth education without emphasis on any one type of birth. Physiological, medicated, vaginal, and cesarean birth are all included.
  • Materials full of inspiration, discussion points and positive affirmations. 
  • Full access to 4 curricula - a 6 week, comprehensive class; a weekend class; a hospital specific class; and a homebirth class.
  • A journal for your students, available only to BEST Certified Educators, that organizes the thoughts, hopes and dreams of an individual or couple and turns them into easy discussion points to bring up with their care provider, birth team, or partner. 
  • The student journal is printed on the softest high quality paper.  It looks and feels luxe - families will feel pampered and will want to explore and journal between classes. 
  • Materials that are un-branded so if you are a doula or other professional, they will simply accent and add to all the wonderful things you are already doing!
  • Career support and mentoring as well as becoming a part of the BEST community of professionals who work collaboratively to build sustainable and ethical careers. 
This class is fun and inspiring to teach and allows me flexibility to cater to my students and community. I love it.
— Best Certified Educator
certified childbirth educator preparing for birth

connect with your students

Teach a class that prepares your students for any birth they are planning, at any place of birth.  The language and materials are designed to be inclusive for all families and all births. Your students will be prepared no matter what their birth plans they have (or how they may change over time).

childbirth education certified instructor preparing for birth

stronger relationships, better births

Filled with thought provoking questions designed to get couples talking to each other and their health care provider,  the student book helps students to explore what they want in their birth and how they want to experience it.  Your students will love the book because it isn't your class verbatim, it inspires them to leave class thinking, journaling and preparing. 

childbirth education certified instructor preparing for birth


Becoming a BEST Certified Educator gives you access to Preparing For Birth curriculum that is both brand-able and flexible.  You can add your own branding to your course and marketing and also adjust the length of the course as needed to fit your students and situation.  With four included curricula - you have the flexibility to combine them as you see fit. 

The Preparing for Birth Team

Preparing For Birth, The Class  is written by Amanda Devereux and Kayla Judy with the support of BEST co-founder Maria Pokluda. All are seasoned doulas and educators. Between them, they also carry the credentials of Labor and Delivery nurse (Amanda), certified childbirth educators, post partum specialists, placenta encapsulator (Maria), massage therapists (Kayla) and IBCLC (Amanda). During their careers they have served thousands of families during their pregnancies, births, and postpartums. The class, Preparing For Birth shares the secrets they have learned in their vast experiences of helping families plan for childbirth.

certified birth instructor educator preparing for birth