We can't wait to see you again!

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Did you love being at doula training and want to soak it up again? We totally get it.  We love it too.  And we absolutely want to see you again! The energy is amazing and there’s always new questions and we are always working hard to improve for the doulas we serve.  We want you to be able to come back, we want to hang with you, and we do not want this incredible learning opportunity to be burdensome for you.


If you have been trained by Maria and Amanda in the past, you can come to any BEST Doula Training for half off the advertised price!  What’s the catch? Well, there is sort of a catch . . . .you know how much we love business and marketing so of course we want to use this opportunity to support one another. What we ask of you is:


  1.  Promote the training you are attending at least three times on facebook and once on any other social media platform you use.  Just tag us in the post and we’ll see it!  You can share the facebook event, share a meme or graphic post from our facebook page, or write your own original post . . .
  2. Write a blog.  I know, you just rolled your eyes - we swear this will be painless.  Share with your readers what you love about training and why you are coming back.  Or, take your own twist on this!  Does this seem scary? Or you don’t have a blog?  - no worries.  We can do this interview style and we’ll send you a few questions, you can reply to them and we will format and publish the blog. This should be fun and simple!


That’s it!  You can register for training at bestdoulatraining.com, in the last info box on the registration form mention you’re returning to training and we’ll send you an invoice reflecting your discount.  

We can't wait to see you again!


Maria and Amanda