Diabetes and Doulas

Here at BEST Doula Training, we are constantly amazed at how those we have trained are out there changing the world while the serve families.  Today we want to highlight two women who are using their expertise to do exactly that. 

Leslie Geick is a doula with Great Expectations BIrth in in Dallas, Texas and she is awesome in several ways - one of those ways is that she has some expertise in diabetes. – both Type 1 and gestational diabetes.  She herself has experienced two pregnancies as a Type 1 diabetic and she loves walking with expecting families who are navigating pregnancy and birth with Type 1 or gestational diabetes concerns.

Tiffany Wicks of Push Postpartum , also in Dallas, Texas, offers postpartum support and counseling so that families can feel confident and strong as they grow and raise new life. She realized that many of her clients had questions and concerns about their own future health based on things that occurred during their pregnancy - things like being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Together, Leslie and Tiffany tackled some of these questions as well as touched on what role a doula can play if they are working a client with gestational diabetes or Type I diabetes.


Are you looking for postpartum support in the Dallas, Texas area? Or a doula who knows diabetes? We'd love to hook you up with Leslie or Tiffany, contact us and we will get you in touch quickly with them.