BECOME a childbirth educator 

become a childbirth educator preparing for birth


Becoming a childbirth educator should not be complicated. In Fact there are only 6 steps to becoming the educator you desire to be.

No packets or membership FEES, no certification birthS and no waiting on results.

See the reading list.

  1. Register and pay for your training. Get excited!

  2. Read the books from the required reading list.

  3. Complete the included childbirth course.

  4. Complete the online study.

  5. View The Business of Being Born.


I feel confident and ready to teach. I’ve never seen such a warm and inclusive curriculum.
— Educator in Louisiana

Why become a certified childbirth educator with best?

What if you could do something big - something that allows you to make a real impact on the lives of women, babies and families? What if you could spent time doing things you LOVE - and could make money while doing it?

When you certify with Best you will leave training a certified educator, ready to build your business and change the world.

You will know how:

mom life pose.jpg
  • to support your students in preparing for their BEST birth
  • hands on skills like hip squeezes and ninja-like rebozo moves
  • to charge appropriately 
  • how to build your network and fill your classes
  • to teach effective and fun classes that your clients will love
  • to help families prepare for postpartum

 What About the Workshop? Best Childbirth Educator Training is modern, dynamic and we promise you'll have a good time. Your weekend will be a unique blend of education and wisdom, honesty and humor. You will leave with your heart full and ready to launch.