BECome a certified placenta Encapsulator

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Why Choose BEST Placenta?

Imagine receiving training from an expert. Imagine having access to the contracts and paperwork that makes a business run smoothly - without having to create it yourself. Imagine being able to leave training confident about providing safe placenta services and successfully marketing your new business. 

Imagine becoming a CERTIFIED Placenta Encapsulator BEING as Simple as 1, 2, 3...

With BEST placenta, it is.

STEP 1 -Register 


STEP 2 - Pre-Cert Work


STEP 3 - WOrkshop


Step 4 - Congratulations, You are now a certified BEST Placenta Practitioner!

What is covered at a BEST Placenta Training?


Our workshop is a one day event. At the end of the day you will leave certified and ready to start your placenta business. Some topics covered in the workshop are:

  • placenta anatomy
  • safe processing skills
  • hands on skills
  • choosing the best location for your work
  • the ethics surrounding placenta encapsulation
  • postpartum mood disorders
  • placenta business marketing 


Maria Pokluda leads BEST Placenta workshops. She has offered placenta encapsulation services for the last 10 years and during this time has processed over 1000 placentas. She looks forward to sharing her tips and tricks for running a sustainable and collaborative business. 

We help you so you can help postpartum families.