we believe your certification company should work for YOU.  



There are many benefits to being a certified BEST educator & it's Simple for you. 

  • Being a certified educator is good for business. It is a professional standard that your clients and community will appreciate.

  • BEST certified educators can purchase all the materials BEST publishes or sells at reduced cost.

  • BEST will always have business tools available as free downloads and stock photography, and we add more goodies all the time. We never require that you use our logos on your materials, but those are also there if you want or need them.

Best educators are continually seeking professional development and complete 5 points of continuing education biannually.

Best Doula Training recertification
  1. Attend or lead a community group that serves your clientele.

  2. Read two books focused on business, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or breastfeeding.

  3. Participate in at least two webinars, workshops, classes, or conferences.

  4. Teach at least one course annually.

  5. Make professional goals.

Want to save money when you re-certify?  Build community and resources for families by referring friends to BEST training and you receive a discount on re-certification. Do you blog? We'd love to have you write  a post for our website  and we will give you discounted recert as a thank you.