Becoming a doula should not be complicated. In Fact there are only 6 steps to becoming the doula you desire to be. No packets or membership FEES, no certification birthS and no waiting on results.


Become a doula
  1. Register and pay for your training. Get excited!

  2. Read the books from the required reading list.

  3. View the included Preparing for Birth childbirth and breastfeeding courses. 

  4. Complete your blood borne pathogens course.

  5. View The Business of Being Born.



Training was phenomenal! Thanks for creating such a wonderful program!
— doula in Texas

What if you could do something big - something that allows you to make a real impact on the lives of women, babies and families? What if you could do the things you LOVE - and could make money while doing it?

When you certify with Best Doula you will leave training a certified doula, ready to build your business. You will know how:

  • to support your client's BEST birth

  • hands on skills like hip squeezes and ninja-like rebozo moves

  • to charge appropriately

  • to walk away from an interview with a signed contract and other tips that will turn you into a client magnet

  • to conduct effective and fun prenatals that your clients will love

  • to support a family during a Cesarean birth

  • to support a family during postpartum weeks

  • to build a business based on long term sustainability

  • to build your network and give back to your community


Best Doula Training is modern, dynamic and we promise you'll have a good time. Amanda and Maria are known as dynamic presenters who excel as they share their unique blend of education and wisdom, honesty and humor. 

How much is is the cost to attend the workshop and become a certified doula? 


Our $595 registration fee* covers everything - besides books. BEST has no packets and no membership fees. We also offer Women of Color scholarships, early bird discounts and incentives for our local hosts.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! To register you will need to put down a deposit, but each registrant receives a link to make further payments. Pay your balance at one time, or pay a little at a time up until time for your workshop. Whatever works for you!

I am traveling to come to the workshop. Where should I stay?

Many people travel to attend BEST workshops and so we make it easy.  Some locations offer our "Birth Pro-Sleepover" to stay with Amanda and Maria. We encourage those traveling in to find roomates and we always try to choose locations where participants can walk to food and lodging.

I have attended doula training elsewhere. Is Coming to a BEST Training worth it for me?

We have many experienced doulas attend BEST trainings. Our workshop is unique in both the information covered and how it is presented. We promise you will learn a ton no matter how long you have been in birth work.  If you have already taken a previous doula training though, we do offer special cross training at designated locations. Read more about doula cross training and how we honor the knowledge you have as you join BEST Doulas.

*reflects pricing for 2019 training workshops