Cross Training for DOulas

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to surround yourself with people who actively support your vision. It can make all the difference. BEST Doula Training wants to help make this difference for you. 

Do any of these describe you?

Copy of cross certification.png
  • You are a practicing doula, but not certified

  • You have you been previously certified but your certification lapsed

  • You're certified, love learning and want to grow your network

Choosing cross training doesn't mean that you didn’t love your original training, it *does* mean adding to your skills, resources, support network, and reaching your goals.


  • Be a part of an organization that works for YOU with ongoing access to your trainers...and we return your calls/emails FAST

  • Gain practical skills so you can earn a satisfying income with a sustainable career

  • Preparing for Birth at half price, discounts on business services and unlimited access to BEST stock photography, contracts, forms etc. 

“I’ve been a doula for 8 years. I just attended BEST training and have fallen in love with this work all over. Amanda and Maria have a fresh take on what being a doula involves and how to best serve our clients and ourselves.
— Amy, doula in Memphis


  1. Register. Use the code CROSS at registration one of our designated Fast Track workshop and you will instantly receive $200 off the regular training price. That means you can get started with a deposit of $100. Your total fee will be $395.

  2. Complete the Study Guide. Use your knowledge from previous training. You will still receive the award winning Preparing for Birth podcasts and Preparing Feeding video, you can watch them for fun but they will not be required as part of your precert work.

  3. Attend a designated Fast Track workshop. Leave certified!

Amanda and Maria lead all doula training, so you know you will get high quality training from not one, but two, successful doulas. We want to get to know and help you reach your goals - with BEST you will never be a nameless face in the crowd. You can expect that when you send us an email you will get a fast response and that if you ask for help, you will get it.