PreParing for Birth- The Journal

What is Preparing for Birth?


  • Preparing For Birth is 38 pages full of inspiration, discussion points and positive affirmations. It can be used as a frame to build prenatal appointments around or it can be used by couples to grow together during their pregnancy as they talk through their desires and priorities.

  • Preparing For Birth is NOT childbirth education and it does not emphasis any type of birth. It is a journal that organizes the thoughts, hopes of dreams of an individual or couple and turns them into easy discussion points to bring up with their care provider, birth team or partner.

  • Preparing For Birth is printed on the softest high quality paper. It looks and feels luxe - families will feel pampered.

  • Preparing For Birth is not just for BEST doulas! As a benefit of certification, BEST Doulas will always receive half off of the retail price, but every doula and expecting family can use Preparing for Birth as they plan their baby's arrival.

  • Preparing For Birth is un-branded so if you are a doula or other professional, it will simply accent and add to all the wonderful things you are already doing!

I received my books in the mail today. WOW. They are so soft I want to sleep with one for a few nights before I give it it my clients! They are going to LOVE it!
— Erin, doula in Georgia
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Amazing Prenatals

Create prenatals that feel awesome to both doula and clients - where the doula walks away and can't wait for the birth and the clients are thrilled that they chose *you* as their doula! Preparing For Birth changes prenatals from something ho-hum to something amazing. Hand clients this gorgeous book and they will feel pampered before even cracking it  open. Build rapport in an all new way!

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stronger relationships

We always recommend a doula, but this book stands alone for anyone looking for a positive way to prepare for birth.  The book is filled with thought provoking questions designed to get couples talking to each other how they want to experience birth. Preparing For Birth is practical no matter what the birth plans are (or how they may change over time).

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Productive Appointments 

Questions come up during pregnancy, but appointments with providers can be short - Preparing For Birth helps! No longer will important questions be remembered after an appointment, instead expecting families will have the tools for timely and positive discussions. Preparing For Birth also has the blueprint for a birth and baby plans that care providers will read, appreciate and respect.

Preparing For Birth is written by Amanda Devereux and Maria Pokluda. Both are doulas with more than a decade of experience and they are the founders of BEST Doulas.  Between them, they also carry the credentials of Labor and Delivery nurse (Amanda), certified childbirth educators, post partum specialists and IBCLC (Amanda). During their careers they have served thousands of families during their pregnancies births and postpartums. Preparing For Birth shares the secrets Amanda and Maria have learned in their vast experiences of helping families plan for childbirth.

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