We are BEST. Welcome!

BEST Doula Training is unique in what we teach our doulas and what we stand for. We invite you to get to know us!

Who is Best Doula Training?

BEST Doulas have an interest in women's health, a passion for birth and they enjoy supporting families.

BEST Doulas are passionate about a woman's right to choose her BEST birth and provide non-judgmental support.

BEST Doulas want to be a family's touch stone through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum.

That sums up what BEST Doulas are and what we teach at BEST Doula. The idea is simple. Supporting couples through pregnancy and birth is a rewarding career. Doulas are professionals who provide a valuable service to expecting families. BEST Doula Training believes that each doula should be equipped to build a sustainable practice based on her goals and needs and at BEST Doula our goal is that through our training, workshops and on going support we can make that happen. 

The name BEST it not just bragging - each letter stands for something we believe in and that we teach to our doulas. 

B - We teach BUSINESS. The skills you need to make doula work WORK are a big part of our training. 

E - We believe in strong ETHICS that honor the families we serve, other professionals and ourselves.

S - We want every doula to have a practice that includes SUSTAINABILITY.

T - We believe in working TOGETHER to creating opportunities. Positive collaboration helps doulas excel in their work, builds strong communities for families and creates partnerships that change the world. And yes we do believe doulas change the world!

Amanda Devereaux and Maria Pokluda are the creators of BEST Doula Training. Both of us are passionate about training and mentoring doulas and we bring decades of experience working with expecting families, building successful businesses and collaborating in our communities to every training. We also love to talk about making money, building websites and the perfect hip squeeze. 

BEST Doula is excited about bringing doula training to you! We hope you will follow us on social media, contact us if we can serve your community and let us know where we can bring our fun interactive workshop. The training is open to anyone who wants to become a doula, cross certify with our organization or who wants to have a fun few days filling their soul with like minded individuals. We teach doulas to serve all kinds of births and all kinds of clients. After the workshop, participants leave as certified doulas ready to go out and CHANGE THE WORLD.