Why We Love the Preparing For Birth Curriculum


When creating the Preparing for Birth curriculum BEST knew it wanted a childbirth course for parents that would honor the incredible and transformative journey they were embarking on. We wanted to create a course that helps parents trust their own intuition and arms them with the information needed to make the right choices for their family, their body and their baby. We wanted that to include all different types of parents, because despite how vastly different we all are there is one fact that remains true for us all- parenting is at once, both the most beautiful and the most challenging experience. Becoming who we are as parents is an ongoing process that continues beyond birth, but it all starts with the journey we embark upon during pregnancy.

Our goal for the Preparing for Birth course is to support and entrust our educators to help guide parents on this oftentimes overwhelming and dizzying process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum that also seeks to honor the wisdom of parents (and their babies- after all, your body and baby know more about your birth than anyone). When presented with unbiased information, parents are capable of making choices that are best for their families, and for this reason we train educators to lead parents to their own potential.

Birth Class for Parents

The Preparing for Birth course recognizes that we are unique individuals and that throughout our lives we have developed skills to cope through life’s challenges. The class recognizes that the parent(s), are capable of doing hard things, and that their experience in birth matters.

We understand that there is no ideal way of birthing your baby, that each family’s path to parenthood is different and sacred in its own way. We seek to support and empower parents through information, discussion, and community with other parents.

The course strives to discuss birth in a way that is relatable to parents, and  focuses more on their experience and their language. The course does not place focus on the care provider, but presents language and resources to help expecting parents engage in conversation with their health care provider and to navigate their way through modern birth settings.

We discuss birth based on emotional and behavioral changes experienced during labor and move away from the narrow focus on cervical dilation. Birth is an incredible and magical process, it is also vastly different for different people. While new parents love to learn guideposts for stages of labor, we also acknowledge that not every person will experience these things in the same way.

The Preparing for Birth course seeks to help parents prepare for life with their baby, for feeding their baby, for caring for themselves and their relationships, and for important signs to look out for after birth to keep the whole family thriving.

Parents receive a student handbook as a tool for reflection and journaling to help you prepare mentally and emotionally for this journey. It also includes handy references such as questions to ask your provider, options to consider for your birth preferences, birth and postpartum plans,  how to know baby is getting enough milk, and the Edinburgh scale allows parents to do a self assessment for how you are coping emotionally after the birth of your baby.

Birth Class for Educators

The Preparing for Birth course is customizable to your brand, personality, and assets as an educator. Just as parents have unique skills that they bring to birth and parenting, educators have unique skills to bring to their classes. We want to highlight those strengths and encourage our instructors to be themselves, while arming them with the knowledge and the confidence to guide parents on this journey.

The Preparing for Birth course is designed to make teaching classes easy. It contains a master 6-week class with manual and corresponding slides that may be used as is, or can be edited to suit your needs. The course also includes a 2-day weekend class, a 1-day hospital specific class, as well as a 1-day homebirth specific class which all have their own corresponding slides for your use.

Each class includes massage and comfort techniques, and tips for partners supporting the birthing person, as well as affirmations and coping techniques for the pregnant person to use throughout pregnancy and birth.

The Preparing for Birth course includes scripts for the instructor to use to guide parents through movement and stretch techniques for pregnancy and postpartum, as well as guided meditations that can be used in class. These guided meditations are also available for parents to download and practice at home, or to use during labor.

Preparing for Birth educators complete pre-certification work that helps to prepare them for teaching, covering topics that include pregnancy, labor & birth, postpartum and parenting, as well as public speaking. The 2-day in person workshop covers how to teach confidently, how to market and fill up your classes, as well as hands on techniques for teaching parents.

BEST childbirth class instructor

PfB educators get access to the BEST Doula Training community for lots of love, support and encouragement, as well as continued mentoring and business support from Kayla, Amanda and Maria even after your training is over.

Want more info on becoming a BEST Educator or where to find a Preparing for Birth class near you? Contact us and we will get your questions answered!