Become a Placenta Encapsulator with BEST

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Are you interested in serving families by offering placenta encapsulation services? Perhaps you are already a doula or childbirth educator who wishes to add to the services you offer, or perhaps you have a passion for postpartum families and a placenta encapsulation business fits well into your life and financial goals right now. No matter your background, if you desire to serve postpartum families in this way BEST Placenta can make it happen.  Our comprehensive training  focuses on teaching you safety, sustainable and successful business practices and postpartum health. Our organization focuses on serving YOU - the birth professional.

Why BEST Placenta?

BEST Doula Training always puts focus on 4 main ideas: Business, Ethics, Sustainability and Working Together. BEST Placenta is no different. Our placenta training will teach you to run an ethical, sustainable practice that focuses on collaborative work within your community.  

The BEST Placenta workshop is led by Maria Pokluda who has been processing placentas for over 10 years in the Dallas, Texas area. She's encapsulated over a thousand placentas in that time and maintains a busy placenta practice now. In the BEST Placenta workshop you will learn from her vast experience. As  BEST Placenta is offered by BEST Doula Training you also will receive all the knowledge of Amanda Devereux as well as Maria on the business side and you will receive the backing of an organization that exists to support birth professionals as they succeed and change the world. 

BEST Placenta is unique in that it offers a blended approach to learning. Those that register for training will immediately receive a "study guide" to get started on certification and will be added to the BEST study groups on Facebook. The study guide will walk you through the steps to be completed prior to attending our in-person workshop. These steps are mostly done online and are self-paced. While everyone has different resources when it come to study time, the pre-certification work is expected to take anywhere from 10-15 hours and it is submitted online in an easy process. (no book reports!)

What To Expect at the BEST Placenta Workshop?

The in-person workshop is a one-day class. During the workshop you will get hands-on skills doing the work of processing (yes, we are going to fill capsules and put on personal protection equipment!), in-depth discussion on safety during the entire process and the ethical concerns involved in modern placenta work such as the transport of the placenta and placenta work spaces. We will teach you to effectively market your new business and we will provide you with options for your business paperwork including intake forms and contracts. BEST Placenta is a turnkey solution to starting your placenta encapsulation business.

Also covered in the workshop:

  • Standards of Practice

  • Methods of Processing the Placenta

  • Making Tinctures, Prints and more

  • Equipment, Labels and Forms

  • Pricing

  • Postpartum Health

  • Building a Website and Marketing

You Get It ALL

Worried that gathering or sourcing your supplies will be hard as you get started? No worries, BEST Placenta has you covered. You will receive exactly what you need to know to obtain all your supplies and what to look for if purchasing elsewhere - no guess work involved on your part! We don't just help with placenta processing equipment though, we also help you source everything you need - from shipping supplies, pills and labels to bleach. Of course you will want beautiful labels for your products and we share the information on how to make and purchase these beautiful labels for your products. It may sound overwhelming, but with BEST Placenta, it's not.

You Leave the Workshop CERTIFIED

After attending the one day workshop - you will be a certified placenta encapsulator! With all your forms and business tools available as a certified BEST Placenta practitioner you can immediately start your business. There are  no further paperwork or fees nor do we require any submissions or evaluations from your clients or their care providers. 

So, How Do You Sign Up?

There are several ways to join BEST Doula, the simplest is to simply click the REGISTER button and choose which training you wish to attend. You may also request a BEST Placenta training in your city by filling out this form. BEST Placenta will be offered in many cities before or after our BEST Doula workshops and when you sign up for both you automatically receive a $100 discount on the price of your dual training. Just imagine, you can attend a BEST Doula workshop and BEST Placenta and become certified in  both over a long weekend! Of course you can attend BEST Placenta on its  own as we love working with doulas and birth professionals of any background.  Working together we all can change the world! The investment for BEST Placenta is $495, though you may join our mailing list to be the first to find out about our promotions on this and other programs. 

For more information on becoming a certified BEST Placenta practitioner contact us!