A Doula's Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing place were we can learn to put on makeup, match our clothes to look super cute and feed ourselves food that looks and tastes delicious. Pinterest is also a place that doulas can connect with their ideal clients and their actual clients. Did that catch your attention? I hope it did because we want to share with you a few quick and easy ways to use Pinterest to attract and connect with clients.

1. Create Pinterest Boards that relate to the common questions your clients ask you.

Do your clients have questions about inductions, tests during pregnancy or how to choose a VBAC provider? Stop writing the answer over and over and send them to a Pinterest board where they can see all the articles you have curated on a particular subject. Not only will you save yourself time but you will set yourself up as the expert that you are!

2. Appeal to your ideal client. 

If your clients are likely looking for cute outfits then you might want to create a maternity clothes board where you feature the brands that your ideal clients wear. Same with baby outfits - create a board for that too! All the things that your ideal clients love are ideas for you to create a board about so that as they search the internet, your boards might show up. Some other suggestions would be exercise blogs, babywearing, cloth diapering or even recipes. If your client base likes super healthy or vegan - give them some Pins! Instant connection!

3. Pinterest is aspirational. make sure your images are gorgeous.

This is why most of us have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest right?  The food looks amazing and the posts claim it is oh so easy to make, the outfits are adorable and after looking at some boards even I feel like I could contour with ease. The images give us something to aspire to and so your images also need to create that  aspiration. The ideal size of a Pinterst image is long and skinny, about 735px by 1102px. Yes, this can be a pain (and I will admit since you might go look, that I don't always take the time create a separate image for Pinning) but it will make a difference in your Pinterest success. Do it as much as you can.

4. Follow the 80/20 Rule.

When it comes to Pinterest, sharing is caring. About 80% of your Pinterst boards should be other people's content. Yup, Pinterest rewards collaboration, so you know we love it!  There really is so much good content out there so grab that good stuff and put it on your boards sprinkled in with about 20% of you own content. Maybe you don't blog, so then all of your boards will be others' content. This a great way to still reach your client base without ever having to blog a word.

5. Keywords matter at Pinterest.

Now that you have created relevant and engaging boards, you want Google to pass them along to your potential clients. Just like your website, having the appropriate keywords matters. In your descriptions of Pins, look to include the name of your service area or city, your business type (doula, childbirth educator etc.), and any other of the actual words that your clients might search as they google. Not sure about what keywords to use? Here is quick tutorial. 

So get to pinning doulas! If you have other business questions, we'd love to help. Contact BEST Doula anytime you want to talk marketing, doula skills or how we can take your training to the next level.