Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth - supporting birthing people and building business

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BEST has the most wonderful pregnancy and birth meditations available for listening to anytime you like. They are written by and with the direction of a professional hypnotherapist. Professionally recorded and read by the smooth voice of BEST co-founder Amanda Devereux, known to bring down the vibe and bring the chill. Alternate through them, or focus on your favorites.

Who Can Use Them?

Any doula, childbirth educator, and any birthing person can use the meditations in Preparing for Birth.

  • You can purchase them and gift them to your clients - use this as a marketing tool in your packages.

  • You can use the meditations in your childbirth class as they are professionally read and recorded - and then you can zone out as well!

  • Any person preparing for birth can listen to the meditations. We recommend spending time meditating daily.

Why Meditations?

When preparing for birth and a new postpartum life it is important that birthing people prepare in a way that is unique and internal to them. Using meditations specific to pregnancy and birth are a great way to learn to slow thoughts and focus on just one thing. When birthing, a laboring person must not be asked to multitask, but be able to focus on the journey at hand.

The Preparing for Birth curriculum understands this - and is truly where evidence based care and the intuition and wisdom passed down to us from our own birthing ancestors meets. We understand that a birthing person and the coming baby likely know more about their own birth than we do and it is by learning to connect to that intuition that how to birth can begin to seem a bit more clear.

We also understand that when preparing for birth, an individual doesn’t yet know how the birth will unfold - so preparing with just one tool - like birth hypnosis or a single comfort measure will only be enough if the lucky situations arises that the one tool you have is the one tool you need. In actuality, preparation is best when we have a number of tools to choose from so whatever arises, a family is prepared. Using meditations is a helpful way to learn to slow the mind, to remain focused even when the mind wanders and when interrupted.