Cross Training for Doulas with BEST

Do any of these describe you?

You are a doula currently practicing but not certified…or perhaps you are finding it difficult to reach your certification goals with your current organization.

You have you been previously certified but your certification lapsed.

Or maybe you are certified and love learning and want to gain more knowledge and a bigger network.

Either way, BEST Doula Training wants to honor your education and skills, allow you to grow as a birth professional and be a part of the world changing things that you are doing! Choosing cross certification/training does not mean that you didn’t love your original training. Choosing cross certification/training Training with BEST does mean adding to your skills, your network of support, business resources, and bringing you closer to your goals.

I’ve been a trained doula for 8 years. I just attended a BEST training, and have fallen in love with this work all over. Amanda and Maria have a fresh take on what being a doula involves and how to best serve our clients and ourselves. This was a very comprehensive class and everyone left ready to home and start working.
— Amy, doula in Memphis

Who is BEST...and why it matters.

BEST is all about community and working together (that’s what the T in BEST stands for!). We also believe that your certification organization works for YOU. It should be a resource as you work with expecting families. BEST does this and every aspect of our training is focused on doing that. We have a strong belief that doula training and certification should not be a complicated process, so we use the tools of our modern world to streamline the process. Instead of paperwork and packets, we are building relationships.

We’ve always had experienced doulas attend BEST trainings. Our workshop is unique in both the information covered and how it is presented so we promise you will learn a ton no matter how long you have been in birth work.  However with the fast track cross training option, we honor the knowledge you do bring and you will leave a BEST Certified Doula.

You do NOT need to already be certified in order to cross-train and certify with BEST.

Why Cross Train? So many reasons!

  • Be a part of an organization that works for YOU

  • Gain practical and professional skills you probably didn’t cover in previous training

  • Learn to earn a satisfying income and have a sustainable career

  • Access to your trainers. We’re always available to Besties. And we return your calls/emails FAST.

  • Buy Preparing for Birth “pink books” at half price

  • Unlimited access to BEST stock photography (can be used without credit for all your marketing!)

  • Discounts on all BEST’s business services

  • Unlimited access to contracts, intakes forms etc. These are editable and come unbranded so you can brand them with your own style

  • Be a Bestie. Its the best group of doulas anywhere!

How does cross training work?

Certification via Fast Track is easy, just 3 steps!

  1. Register. Use the code CROSS at registration one of our designated Fast Track workshop and you will instantly receive $200 off the regular training price. That means you can get started with a deposit of $100. Your total fee will be $395.

  2. Complete the Study Guide. You may use info from any previous training or experiences you have had. You will receive access to our Preparing for Birth podcasts (comprehensive childbirth education) and Preparing Feeding video (infant feeding class). However, if you have already attended a birth and lactation class as part of your previous training - you may opt out of watching these.

  3. Attend one of our designated Fast Track training workshops.

Leave certified!

BEST doulas recertify every two years. The cost is $75 and involves a simple online form. We also offer several routes to discounted and free recert, for instance when you write us a blog or refer others to our program.

Ready? Let’s go!

Are you ready to become a Bestie? Let’s do it! Registration is simple, just click this link to make it happen. You will receive all you need from us within 24 hours of registration and we will add you to our study groups as soon as you friend us on Facebook. We can’t wait to meet you! (And of course, if you have any questions, we’d love to chat with you. Call or email and BEST will get in touch quickly.)


Amanda and Maria