What's a Birth Pro Sleepover??

What's a Brth Pro Sleepover you ask? Its the coolest way to do doula training - that's what!

Since we travel to most of our training locations and many of the attendees do as well, we thought it would be fun to create what we call Birth Pro Sleepovers. When BEST rents space for our accommodations, we invite those that are training to come stay with us too! There are a lot of cool things about staying at our place. First of all, since we usually train where we are staying, at minimum it means your commute is a breeze and you get a few more minutes to sleep in each day during training.

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You also get all kinds of access to Amanda and Maria. We don’t go in for a big family bed arrangement, but otherwise we can stay up and talk about your doula dreams and goals. We can brainstorm about names and logos or other ideas for your business. At one sleep over, one of the doulas left with a logo and a business name after an evening conversation. 

Finally, staying at our place means you save money. By sharing space we can offer you a great deal to make it easy to travel for an amazing training.

Here are 8 other reasons to join us for a Birth Pro Sleepover!

  1. Popsicles. (see above, only in select locations)

  2. Coffee. We make it for you. It’s a priority.

  3. Selfies. We are always up for some selfie silliness.

  4.  Access to a full kitchen. You can have meals at the training or you can go out with new friends. Choices are good.

  5. Alone time, you don’t have to share your bed with anyone!

  6. Ask us anything. About doulalife, your business or really anything.

  7. See the world. Attendees fly in from all over so staying with us allows you to see a new city on the cheap AND become a certified doula.

  8. Make new friends. The other Besties at the sleep over could be your new besties in life and your best support network as you dive into doula work.

We can’t wait to have a birth pro sleep over with you!