Social Media Calendar of “Birthy” Days

At the gym where I work out, each day there is a new sign announcing the day's "special-ness".  Last week we celebrated National Blueberry Pancake day as well as National Chocolate Wafer Day. I enjoying see the day each time I head in for a workout, but for a birth worker, these days are not things I would normally post about in my marketing. National Chocolate Wafer day may not mean much to my potential clients and followers, however there are some special days that are definitely important to my clients, followers and my passion. (Though, some of these days really are fun so you should check them all out and use some that work for your audience. I always publicize National Doughnut Day in June. You can see them all HERE and find some good ones.)

Keeping up with your social media can be a challenge, especially if you are managing multiple accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Knowing what to post each day can seem daunting. One way to have content that takes the load off is to schedule posts based on the calendar year. Luckily, almost every month has something "birthy" that you may choose to highlight. To make finding those topics easy, here is a Birth Calendar divided by month. 


The whole month is Cervical Cancer Month.

The 3rd Monday is Martin Luther King Day

  • 1st- Baby New Year

  • 3rd- Festival of Sleep Day


  • 12th- National Reproductive and Sexual Health Awareness Day

  • 15th- Susan B. Anthony Day

  • 18th- National Drink Wine Day


The whole month is Social Worker Awareness Month.

  • 8th- International Day of the Woman

  • 14th- Pi Day

  • 16th- Incredible Kid Day

  • 17th- St. Patricks Day

  • 22nd- World Doula Day

  • 22nd-28th World Doula Week


The whole month is Cesarean Awareness Month.

The last week of April is Infertility Awareness 

  • 1st- April Fools

  • 2nd- Children's Book Day

  • 7th- National No Housework Day

  • 11th - Siblings Day

  • 22nd - Earth Day (highlight that you run a paperless business)


The whole month is Mental Health Awareness Month.

The whole month is Preclampsia Awareness Month.

The 1st week of May is Maternal Mental Health week.

The 1st week of May is Nurse Week.

The 2nd Sunday is Mother's Day. (US)

  • 2nd- National Baby Day

  • 4th- May the 4th be With You Day

  • 5th - International Day of the Midwife

  • 7th - Nurse Appreciate Day

  • 22nd- Preclampsia Awareness Day

  • 28th - Multiple Birth Awareness Day


The whole month is Pride Month.

The 3rd Sunday is Father's Day.

The last Sunday is Pride Day.

  • 6th - International Homebirth Day

  • 19th- Juneteeth

  • 21st- International Yoga Day

  • 21st- National Selfie Day


  • 4th - Independence Day (US)

  • 5th- National Bikini Day (positive meme about postpartum bodies)

  • 26th- Aunt/Uncle Day


The 1st week is World Breastfeeding Week.

The 1st Sunday is World Friendship Day.

The last week is Black Breastfeeding Week.

The whole month is Family Fun Month.

  • 8th- Happiness Happens Day

  • 11th- Son and Daughter Day

  • 12th - Middle Child Day

  • 26th- Women's Equality Day


The whole month is PCOS Awareness Month.

The whole month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

The whole month is Hispanic Heritage Month.

  • 15th- Neonatal Nurse Day

  • 16th- Step Family Day

  • 29th- National Coffee Day


The whole month is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.

The whole month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The 1st week is National Midwifery Week.

The 3rd Friday is National Mammography Week.

  • 15th- Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


The whole month is International Adoption Awareness Month.

  • 17th- International Prematurity Awareness Day

  • 20th- International Children's Day


10th- International Human Rights Day

Hanukkah, date varies

  • 4th Santa's List Day (write a post asking clients what that want for the Holidays)

  • 25th- Christmas

  • 31st- New Year's Eve

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us know other “birthy” dates and we will be adding them too. Social media is a big part of our marketing these days and building your brand to reach your ideal client. Finding the days that are important to that client can be a fun part of your job!

(If you want to suggest another day, put it in the comments and we’ll get it added!)