Standing On the Edge - Vulnerability and Peace.

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There is always something magical about standing on the edge of a continent. I love to watch the ocean eat the sun as it sets over the Pacific and reflect on possibilities, vulnerability, and dreams.  There's a vulnerability present when there is nothing to face but the open ocean.  It calls us to open ourselves and be inspired by it's strength. When BEST launched, a stock photography image of two woman flashing peace signs at the Golden Gate Bridge spoke to us.  Two women standing on the edge of a continent, the ocean on their side, wishing peace to the world.

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In the last year, BEST has had the honor to train and get to know doulas from coast to coast. We have had our toes in the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific, and have treasured it all.  Improving birth for all birthing people is our goal, and we hear stories of how those who come to training are impacted by the training experience and how their clients are impacted by them.  This is how we change the world - a ripple effect.  Peace and growth rippling out.

On our world changer journey we were invited to train doulas in Santa Cruz, California. What an absolutely magical area of our country. As soon as we confirmed this location, we knew that we would make the pilgrimage to the Golden Gate to recreate that photo that spoke to us. In this moment we celebrated the vulnerability we have allowed ourselves to experience and the growth that has come from it. We celebrated friendship and birth. And as the wind hit our cheeks, and the temperature dropped, the sun setting on our side, we set new goals and opened ourselves to further growth and all the wonder and challenges that brings. 

So here we are, full circle, flashing our peace signs for all the birthing people and to all the world changers doing what we do. 



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